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Youth Summer Camp Program  

FOA Summer Program is an all-inclusive program for individual (Youth) enrollments from age 14-18 years of age

How Does it work?


Decide how long you would like to join?

  • Two Weeks

  • Three Weeks 

  • Four Weeks

Chose a date you would like to start depending on How long you decide to join.

  • Two Weeks     June 27th or                           July 11th 
  • Three Weeks   June 27th or 

                      July 5th

  • Four Weeks.    June 27h

2024 schedule 


Fun Opportunity Abroad Summer Program allows individuals from around the world to join in our exciting cultural immersion activities in Southern California.

Visit fun local attractions!
What's included........
Daily ESL Classes

Practice English while having fun! Each Class is interactive and educational!

Daily Chaperone

Experienced chaperone will be assigned for the entire group to help you feel at ease


Visit local attractions and fun educational tours!


Local family providing room and board along helping out with transportation to study center.

Two Locations:  Irvine Study Center and Newport Beach

Irvine Study Center


Coastline College


Homestay Summer Program Details

All students will have the chance to live with local American families as part of our our homestay program.  All host families live in the safest Orange County communities such as Irvine and Huntington Beach. 


At home interactions with families will enhance cultural and English language experiences for students. 


Host families provide home cooked prepared breakfast and dinner on weekdays.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are provided weekends and holidays.

Students are double placed with different nationality. Each student will be provided their own bed.



  • Greeted at the airport by a FOA Staff member

  • Coach Buses for airport Pick up and Drop off

  • Buses to and from study center and activities 

Company Tours

Company tours visit apparel accompanies, police stations/fire stations, factory tours, IT companies, and more...


A tour is provided by a company representative and he/she will take students around the building or factory to observe their different departments, and discuss extensively on how the company functions, the products or services they provide, and how their products are made.


Additionally, company representatives will talk about the history of the company and how they began, and discuss how their product is distributed, marketed, and shipped to worldwide locations.

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