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In - Person Cultural Program 

We work with Preferred Partners to design custom-made cultural programs for international students to enrich their cultural interactive experiences.  Partners get to create a unique program they can sell, and FOA guides them along the way to reach Success!

What to Expect

With any study tour program, you have only one opportunity to impress students to enhance mind-blowing experiences.  The ESL classes must be entertaining but effective; activities should expand their minds while having fun; host families provide a safe environment and treat students like their own families. It’s hard to know if anything will get done right. 


Fun Opportunity Abroad will take all the stress out so you can focus on your job only... which is planning lifelong memories.


The all-inclusive study tour program creates the California dream in addition to expanding minds for all. You want a program that is life-changing and create future experiences that you would never forget.  How do you choose?

Los Angeles has so much to teach and explore.  Our team is committed to giving students experiences they will talk about for the rest of their lives! FOA is an all-inclusive study tour program. We will make sure every part of their tour is safely executed so you don’t have to worry about anything. You need a local team that you can trust to handle all activities, and classes, and keep students safe so they can practice their English. 

Our In-Person Cultural Exchange Program is open to school trips for GROUPS of 15 students or more, and they are designed to immerse students into American culture.  

Our CEP is designed specifically to work exclusively with preferred partners such as local agencies, schools, or organizations.


  • FOA can provide ESL classes with professional instructors who will teach specific subjects alongside expanding students' English vocabulary.  


  • FOA can provide students the opportunity to visit American companies, attend events, and local schools. Subjects are focused on American culture, arts, science, and history. Agents or schools can request specific subjects and topics.


  • Visit elementary, middle schools, high schools, and universities such as UCI, USC, UCLB, UCLA, Chapman University


  • Volunteer at Food Banks, and recreational parks,  and participate in local events.


  • Attend fun attractions such as theme parks, beaches, and shopping centers.

There’s nothing worse than a boring ESL class having students falling asleep and wishing they were somewhere else. We get that… and that’s why we don’t compromise on our teachers and curriculum. Experience ESL instructors will challenge each student to “SPEAK” and have conversations in English during each class. No one will sleep!  Games break the ice, and fun interactive activities introduce English words and phrases.  Laughter and conversations are experienced in each class event for all levels of English. 


  • Classes may vary in different subject matters depending on the group's special requests.  


  • English training begins from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Lessons will focus on conversational communication, grammar, and group requests. 


  •  Each student is encouraged to actively participate with the teacher and their classmates.

English Training with a Purpose

 Mind expanding activities


All students deserve mind-opening activities.  What they can learn now will carry into their future!  And it doesn’t hurt to have fun during experiences, does it?


Fun Opportunity Abroad has curated experiences that teach students cultural differences in the United States, and the way of life in California. 

See an actual Space shuttle that flew in Space; meet and laugh with local American students; get a tour of an actual local company that makes surfing products. 

Students get to experience real-life and hands-on activities that they can bring back home with them. Opening and expanding minds have proven to create better teachers, managers, doctors, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Activities are more than experiences… they can create the ripples of life changes.  You want the future of the world to be a better place, and so do we. We start by opening the mind by having them experience the right activities.


Fire and Police Station

  • Students can take a comprehensive tour at a local fire department or police station to learn how these emergency services operate in America.


Company tours

  • Students visit local factories or offices of companies, such as Oakley Design Factory, Fender Guitar Factory, Siracha Plant, Hurley Clothing, or LA Times Offices... and more!


School visits

  •  Students have the opportunity to tour local schools or universities. (Offered when school is in session, and depends on the particular school’s availability). International students can visit American classrooms and meet the students. They will experience how American schools operate while sharing their cultural and academic background with the students


 Transportation that’s safe and on-time!


There’s no excuse for lateness- or safety getting there. 


Tight Schedules and multiple destinations mean you need a transportation company to “TRULY” rely on. One that meets the most up-to-date safety codes for coaches/buses. Experienced and friendly drivers and a company to meet all accountability standards.  We work only with the best fleets that keep our tight schedules on time.  From the day our groups arrive at LAX airport to the time day, they depart. We do not compromise comfort and safety.  

FOA provides ALL airport pickup and drop-off from LAX to our study center location.


A bus is provided to transport groups to scheduled activities and to/from our study center. 


Host families provide transportation to and from the student center.


Small groups or individual students may use public transportation, but their host families are required to teach their students how to use public transportation prior to beginning class.

 Heartwarming Homestay


Live in the safest city in the country... Irvine is ranked again for being the safest city in the United States.  Nearby cities located in Orange County follow in the same direction when it comes to safety. 

We understand the importance of safety which is the reason we have our students reside in Orange County. The city of Irvine is our main city where our study center is located along with most Host families we work with. 

  • We will incorporate students into daily family life, take them to gatherings when the opportunity is available, and create wonderful memories with them.


  • Students will practice English through genuine interactions and conversations with their host families


  • Host families are located in Orange County only, and each family is visited and approved by FOA Staff before students arrival.


  • Host families provide two meals a day; a comfortable and clean bed: assistance with transportation to and from study center; family interaction, and much more...

Study Center Locations

Back Bay Conference Center

3415 Michelson Drive

Irivne, Ca 92612

Vangaurd University

55 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa CA 92626

Vanguard uni.jpg


Orange County and Los Angeles Counties

International students are eager to experience California Dreaming!

Southern California is one of the top five tourist destinations in the United States.


Orange County, located just south of Los Angeles, has some of the safest cities in the country, with top competitive school districts to explore. 


The perfect canvas for students to learn English. For this reason, our homestay accommodations are located in here in Orange County.


Los Angeles, California area is known as the  “Entertainment  Capital of the World,” and it most certainly is!


Students will have the chance to walk along the stars on the Hollywood walk of fame and visit Beverly Hill’s Rodeo Drive elite shopping district.


The Iconic Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood, Highland shopping zone, and  Universal Studios!

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